Jakariya, M.
Islam, M.


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The research paper aims at understanding the level of vulnerability of the Haor communities in Sulla Upazila of Sunamganj District due to climate change induced events. It assesses the climate change impacts on household and community level and summarizes the adaptation efforts by the communities and reconfirms the communities’ challenges and needs. Using geographic information system, the paper prepares ward level vulnerability maps. Questionnaire survey, key informant interviews and focus group discussions produced first hand attribute information which were processed and analyzed within SPSS environment. Policy documents, previous researches, and Government statistics and reports helped develop the concepts and planning of the research. The ArcGIS-based mapping process and parameters have been finalized upon consultation with the inhabitants and they can update the process over time and check for their status and prioritize adaptation strategies. Haors’ unparalleled hydro-ecological attributes pose opportunities and constraints for the inhabitants. Poverty, lack of basic infrastructure and amenities, awareness and external support have already put the Haor community inhabitants in a vulnerable situation while the recurring natural hazards and shifting pattern of climate is making the constraints nearly unmanageable for the communities alone. Excessive rainfall in the monsoon and drought in the dry season are affected the farming and fishery-based communities the most. The adaptation strategies that they have taken up are insignificant. It is equally important for them to be able to correctly interpret their situation and measure their level of vulnerability so that they can participate in the local level action planning better. This paper might to encourage the local government organizations to initiate local adaptation programme of action, adopting the methodology at a broader scale, incorporating more vulnerability indicators, where and when applicable, for different timeframes and communities.

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