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The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

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This report focuses on the specific issue of urban food security, describing the demographic and environmental trends as well as food production and infrastructure challenges that impact supply and demand for food in urban areas. Before providing specific examples of the food security challenges faced by cities around the world, the authors propose a framework, or matrix, of issues for policy makers to use in developing and assessing urban food security strategies. The report focuses on case studies in the United States before looking in depth at Chicago, highlighting the city’s challenges as well as the opportunity to leverage Chicago’s historical strengths and current assets to become a leader in urban food security. Recommendations for addressing the challenges of urban food security globally, include: recognising urban food security as a critical 21st century policy issue; taking concrete steps to encourage entrepreneurial activities related to food security; building sustainable and resilient urban food ecosystems; and positioning Chicago as a world leader in addressing urban food security.

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