Hoque, S.
Moore, E.


The International Journal of Climate Change: Impacts and Responses

Year of Publication:


While policies and prevention strategies are contested on the global political stage, the effects of climate change are already in motion. Ocean levels have risen measurably in the last decade and will continue to rise during the remainder of this century (IPCC, 2007) . Low-lying communities that are already susceptible to storms and flooding will suffer increasing crises of public health, livelihood, housing and infrastructure.

In Bangladesh, rising sea levels will have a serious impact on existing housing and infrastructure. This research focuses on three modes of adaptation that enable communities to co-exist and thrive in hydrologically dynamic ecosystems. Specific measures that are presently being taken in response to environmental change by three different organizations are described. By analyzing how these measures are carried out, this paper will contribute to a growing knowledge base of adaptive strategies implemented by individuals and non-governmental organizations in Bangladesh. Information sharing from this knowledge base is intended to facilitate civil society in proactively preparing for and responding to climate change-related events.

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