Sander, N.


Environmental Conservation Education

Year of Publication:


This report examines gender dimension of extreme weather events and other climate impacts. It also explores the potential for greater inclusion of women’s voices in climate action and disaster risk management. The first half of this report consists of a review of scholarly and professional literature on gender and climate change, focusing primarily on what the data from natural disasters such as typhoons, cyclones, and tsunamis (though tsunamis are not technically climaterelated) can tell us about the gendered experiences of severe weather events.

The second half of this report consists of a thematic analysis of interviews conducted with female survivors of Haiyan, a devastating typhoon that struck the Philippines in 2013 killing an estimated 6,000 people. These interviews were conducted as part of a disaster risk reduction project entitled “Forecasting to Communication to Action: Enabling Institutions to Manage Storm Surge Risks,” which is currently being implemented in Bangladesh and the Philippines, led by Raul Lejano, a professor at NYU Steinhardt, in partnership with the Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Centre and the Center for Disaster Preparedness in the Philippines.

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