Islam, R.
Islam, M.
Islam, M.


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This research paper evaluates the impacts of Bangabandhu Jamuna Multi-purpose Bridge on the dynamics of bar morphology of Jamuna River. A reach of 35 km upstream to 35 km downstream in a width of 25 km (total 1750 km2) considered to assess the impacts of the bridge. Time-series satellite images were used to examine the bar development of the study, both pre-bridge construction period (1973, 1984 and 1994) and post-bridge construction period (2004 and 2012). The ERDAS IMAGINE 9.2, ArcGIS 9.3 and Google Earth softwares were used for image processing and examine the morphological changes and dynamics of the bars. In post bridge construction periods; about 255.46852 km2 area of bars increased by the impact of the bridge of 1750 km2 (14.63% increase of bar area). Island bar dominated area increased 103.73619 km2; almost 5.93% increase referring the total study area. On the other hand, the construction of Bangabandhu Jamuna Bridge causes about 151.16345 km2 increase of the attached bars; also 8.69% increase referring the total study area. By the analysis it was found that 60.352797 km2 area of sand carpeting decreases; almost 3.45% reduction with the total study area after the construction of the bridge.

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