Rahman, Md. Sazedur, Rahman, Md. Ashfikur,


Academic Research Publishing Group

Year of Publication:


Climate change and its impact on human-environment are immeasurable because of its multidimensional effects. But the effect is not same for all countries, it depends on the countries geographical settings. Alongside location, education of the people, environmental awareness, somewhat might minimize the probability of loss in response to any kinds of disasters. Undertaken study was conducted based on an extensive published literatures (197—between 1995 and 2018) review with a view to consolidating the possible impacts of climate change on crop production in Bangladesh. It has found that already the impact has begun badly in Bangladesh. Temperature is gradually rising, frequency of floods, river bank erosion, storm surge, magnitude of cyclone, salinity intrusion, and the volatility of rainfall has increased comparing to past. All these led to the probability of decreasing the crop production. As climate change has become a great concern for countries food security, it is now the appropriate time to take and install proper rules and regulations through inflexible attitude. With the help of various international and national organizations government of Bangladesh inordinately trying to reduce the consequences of climate change. A comprehensive measurement must make sure to enhance the capability of encountering climate change, otherwise it will cost of enormous loss, especially on agriculture in Bangladesh.

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