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The Indigenous (Adivasi) Munda community in the village of Kalinchi in Shyamnagar upazilla (subdistrict), Satkhira of Bangladesh has undergone severe threats to livelihood due to the long-term effects of climatic disasters (such as: tropical cyclones, floods, salinity intrusion, famine, and heat waves). Kalinchi is situated adjacent to the riverbank of Dhojikhali near the Sundarbans Forest. This is the largest mangrove forest in the world, and it provides livelihood support to a large number of the coastal populations southwest of Bangladesh. The Adivasi Munda Community at Kalinchi has been traditionally earning a livelihood (such as harvesting honey, catching fishes and crabs in the forest surrounding rivers and channels, cutting trees and timbers) in the Sundarbans Forest. The earning of livelihoods was severely threatened, due to the severe Cyclone Aila on 9 May

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