Allan, A.
Huq, H.
Islam, K.
Lim, M.


ESPA Deltas

Year of Publication:


The purpose of this paper is principally to set out the issues that stakeholders, through interviews, have indicated as demanding a response. These issues may be split into those that require physical or management interventions and those that may be addressed through what may be termed a “governance” intervention. The report will also set out progress to
date on the more substantive work tasks in WP1.
This report outlines the approaches taken with respect to the identification of stakeholders and the legal / institutional assessment. It also highlights the key issues identified by those interviewed as part of this process. These are as follows:
 Food security
 Salinization
 Riverbank erosion and sedimentation
 Human-induced challenges to flow
 Arsenic
 Changes in livelihoods
 Human-wildlife conflict
 Barriers to accessing ES in the Sundarbans
 Migration
 Shrimp vs. crop
 Upstream/international issues
 Location of biggest embankments (sea dykes)
 Availability of land
 Extreme weather events
 Unpredictability of weather
The preliminary legal and institutional has indicated the following problems with the relevant governance regime (in no order of importance):
 Relatively sporadic follow-up with respect to Implementation of policy
 Connected issue suggesting that primary legislation may not be fully implemented as a result of reserving some elements to secondary legislation that is not forthcoming thereafter.
 Age of legislation suggesting inactivity by legislature on relevant issues
 Problems with ensuring rigorous reporting and monitoring.
 Lack of detailed criteria for decision-making
 Timescales for ensuring accountability:
 Asymmetry between rights, powers and obligations of the government and its officials, and public
Plans for the coming year for WP1 have been complicated slightly by the political situation in Bangladesh. Planning will therefore be as flexible as possible – primed to grasp available opportunities if the possibility is there, but able to fulfill the WP objectives in any event.

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