Mahmud, S.
Uddin, M.



Year of Publication:


The paper aims to understand local perceptions of climate change with anthropological insight. This also includes local beliefs, values and practices associated with their adaptation strategies. Perception about climate change varies from region to region and with skeptical belief as well. Most of the elderly peoples of the locality have a belief that past days were full of happiness when they used to practice different rituals to make God happy for ensuring good weather during six seasons. But climate started to change and they interpreted this change as God’s punishment for committing wrong deeds and transgressions by humans. However, gradual climate changes are seen in different regions through frequent river bank erosion due to climate induced river-siltation (resulting in inundation and salinity intrusion), erratic rainfall, nor’wester and thunderstorm. Therefore, local knowledge, beliefs, and perceptions of people about climate change are significant to address the challenges of climate change.

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