Ahmed, K.
Françoise Bartiaux, Shah Md Atiqul Haq,



Year of Publication:


This study aims to explore whether a relationship exists between extreme weather events, sexual violence, and early marriage. We selected two districts in Bangladesh that are vulnerable to extreme weather events: Sunamganj, which experiences flash flooding, and Brahmanbaria, which experiences cyclones and related floods. Survey data was collected from 120 randomly selected household heads from two villages in these districts, and in-depth interviews were conducted with 40 household heads who indicated early marriage was a coping strategy for managing effects of weather events. The mixed-methods study finds that early marriage of daughters is a coping strategy for managing two negative consequences of extreme weather events. First, by minimizing household expenses, householders can pay for damage-related expenses. Second, unmarried daughters may be subject to sexual violence during a crisis, especially in temporary shelters, which would harm both the family’s and daughter’s reputation and prevent future marriage.

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