Karim, M.
Higuchi, H.
Nawata, E.


Japanese Society for Tropical Agriculture

Year of Publication:


The Kurigram district of northern Bangladesh has 222 chars (newly-developed lands), which have 23,000 ha cultivated lands. This study was initiated to introduce mungbean and short duration aman rice in the Kharif (summer) seasons in the chars. Both of these were grown successfully in 2013 on 4 ha of char land of 30 farmers in both Kurigram Sadar and Nageshwary upazillas. To introduce the pattern among large number of farmers, both mungbean and short duration aman rice were grown on 133.33 ha, involving 1,000 farmers on eight chars of three upazillas, namely Kurigram Sadar, Nageshwary and Bhurungamari of Kurigram district in 2014. However, there was serious drought concomitant with an extreme high temperature in April 2014 and the mungbeans were damaged seriously. Short duration aman rice was transplanted from 20 July to 10 August 2014. That year the flood appeared in mid-August and continued for more than three weeks, damaging the rice crop severely. Several recommendations, such as no fertilizers should be applied in mungbean if the crop is grown after wheat or potato (winter season crops), irrigation scheduling should be designed based on the intensity of drought and prevailing temperatures, a second-time seedbed, which may be called ‘backup’ or ‘insured’ seedbed, may be considered if the rice crop is totally submerged for more than two weeks, were made from the discussion meetings with farmers and extension personnel for successful crop production in the chars.

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