Abdullah, M.


Journal of Rehabilitation in Civil Engineering

Year of Publication:


Groundwater, a special hydrological variable and freshwater resource is completely inter-reliant with hydro-metorological, topographic, land use and hydro-geological components of hydrologic cycle. Trend of hydrologic componentsfor future prediction is attempted to confer in this study using Man-Kendall test, linear regression and geometric progression analysis on recorded data collected from recognize organization of Bangladesh. Bogra district is selected as the study area, which is characterized for fluctuating hydrological components over the years. Temporal distribution & recent trend of dominating hydrologic variables are analyzed and spatial distribution map is presented to discuss localize disparity within the study area. Groundwater abstraction & corresponding recharge reliant with hydro-meteorology and hydro-geology along with land use pattern is attempted to understand in this research. Study conclude for all hydological components related with groundwater is depleting over the recent years with the increase use of water specially for irrigation and domestic needs, but distribution is uneven throughout the Bogra district.

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