Mallik, A.
Ahmad, S.
Arefin, M.



Year of Publication:


This study hired a spreadsheet model to simulate the greenhouse gas emissions (GGEs) from the newspaper production and intake system. The GGEs made by newspaper in Australia during 1994/95 were equal to about 13.5Mt of CO2, related to almost 2.5% of Australia’s emission total. Over fifty percent of the amount contains CH4 emissions from landfilled waste material paper. Misuse management options effective in minimizing GGE emissions from the newspaper life-cycle include incineration with energy restoration (most reliable), newspaper recycling, landfill gas restoration and composting. These studies can be expanded to other wood-based and organic and natural wastes.
A Review on Waste Management Options to Lessen Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Paper (PDF Download Available). Available from: [accessed Nov 20 2017].

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