Rahman, A.
Alam, M.
Alam, S.
Rabbani, G.
Rashid, M.
Uzzaman, M.


United Nations Development Programme

Year of Publication:


Climate change is one of the greatest threats to mankind in the twenty first century. Climate change is a complex, multifaceted, multidimensional, long-term, slow onset phenomenon with enormous impacts that touches many aspects of human society including most of its production-consumption processes. Further the impacts of climate change are likely to enhance the vulnerability of many of the societies and communities, particularly those are already vulnerable to climate variability as well as lack of development. Climate change is likely to threaten many development investments and efforts.

Besides, the risks of climate variability are likely to be accentuated manifolds by the ensuing and extended climate change. For example, food security, water security and energy security are key elements of development. These combined with
health and social securities and increments in freedoms contribute to the development of individuals and communities. The impacts of climate change are likely to impede the process of achieving those securities in many affected communities.

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