Alom, K.
Sarker, M.
Sarma, H.



Year of Publication:



Disaster have miserable impacts on human health. During and as the aftermath of disaster, there are possibilities of increasing vulnerability of sexual and reproductive health (SRH). Because of society’s normative ideas related to sexuality, adolescent’s SRH is, especially, often a forbidden issue of concern within the society. Disaster makes it more complicated and leaves adolescents without access to required SRH information and services. The adolescents themselves find it a risky situations that they have to take on adult roles without preparation and without support networks. In that context, community and parental acceptance and involvement in sexual and reproductive health issues of adolescents are crucial to minimize their SRH risks. Following a cross-sectional and exploratory study design and using qualitative research tools, this study wanted to identify responsible crucial stakeholders to reduce these risks and to find out their expected roles in a disaster prone area of Bangladesh.

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