Das, S.
Akhter, R.
Hossain Gorapi, M.
Huque, S.
Khandaker, S.
Quamrul Hasan, M.
Shahriar, M.


Academic Journals

Year of Publication:


The purpose of the study was to determine the impact of brick kilns on socioeconomic conditions working environment, hazards and risk associated with each of the tasks as well as the negative effect of hazardous work of brick field workers. A semi-structured survey has been served as the main data collection method from the different 9 brick fields of Gouripur and Ishwargonj sub district under the Mymensingh district (n=402). Descriptive statistics (frequency and percentage) were used to summarize the data. The socioeconomic condition of the brick kiln workers indicated that the majority of the workers are male respondents at the brick kiln with low education level, 91.79% of workers receiving monthly income less than 15000 BDT, as well as facing major health and environmental difficulties. 42.29% of the workers are current smokers, the majority of the workers claimed that they didn’t get proper sanitation (90.8%) and drinking water (98.01%) and having some locomotion problems. A high frequency of respiratory problem, gastrointestinal illnesses, eye and ear problem as well as having some site injuries during work, more commonly in legs and hands were observed in the brick kiln workers and sometime more than that. A sustainable approach should be taken to minimize environmental and health hazards inherent in brick kilns at the right time.

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