Adham, M.
Haque, A.
Hossain, M.
Jahan, C.
Mazumder, Q.



Year of Publication:


The groundwater recharge potentiality in Barind Tract in Rajshahi district, Northwest Bangladesh was studied based on Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing technique. In this connection satellite images (Landsat 7 ETM and SPOT) and aerial photos were subjected to several treatment processes using softwares like ERDAS Imagine and ESRI’s Arc View. Thus various thematic maps have been prepared for drainage density, lineaments, lithology and land cover/use that allowed deciding their interactive effect. In the present study, the degree of effect was determined for each factor to assess the total groundwater recharge potentiality for two categories (moderate to low). The resultant map shows that 85% of the area has low, and rest has moderate groundwater recharge potentiality. Finally only 8.6% of the total average annual precipitated water (1685mm) percolates into subsurface and ultimately contributes to recharge the groundwater.

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