Dey, N.
Bala, S.
Hossain, M.
Islam, A.
Parvez, M.
Paul, J.
Saha, R.


Science Direct

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natural replenishment of aquifer such as, total annual rainfall significantly reduced by about 25.6% during 1981–2014; average annual river water levels slightly declined; wetland areas significantly reduced by about one-third; while the area irrigated for dry season rice (boro), the main driver of groundwater depletion, has increased about three folds during 1981–2014. Efficient irrigation management practices, such as low water demanding high value crops, volumetric water charging system, wet and dry irrigation system, etc. can be introduced widely to reduce excessive withdrawal of groundwater. Efficiency of existing water lifting devices including STW and DTW can be enhanced for increasing command area, and discouraged for new installation of tubewell. Bangladesh has recently experienced moderate rainfall during September-October. If the boro rice transplantation is completed by November, boro cultivation may benefit from late-monsoon rains and place less pressure on groundwater resources.

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