Banerjee, S.



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The present paper would focus on the concept of the “Unthinkable” in the context of Bangla Bratakathas by expanding some ideas of noted social anthropologist turned novelist Amitav Ghosh. In his recent non-fiction entitled The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable Ghosh has sought to re-establish the power of fiction in its capacity of anticipating environmental catastrophes in the Anthropocene. Interestingly the roots of such fictional anticipation seem firmly embedded in certain clearly recognizable “religious discourses” of which the Bratakathas in Bangla could also be obvious examples. Being compendiums of common people’s religious views, those texts have been of marginalized position in the well accepted histories of Bangla literature. The present paper would suggest that in the regime of climate change the “climate of writing histories” of literature should also change by reconsidering the worth of those texts which tell of a so far “Unthinkable” interconnectedness of natural events. Finally, the paper would touch upon the importance of translating Bangla Bratakathas into English as a means to bring about change in our literary conventions.

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