Sarder Shafiqul Alam, Alam, A.
Rahman, S.


The International Centre for Climate Change and Development

Year of Publication:


An improved multi-stakeholder collaboration in the water and sanitation sector can contribute towards urban climate resilience in the Dhaka city. But how can the stakeholders come forward to improve the present situation or how the multi-stakeholder collaboration can work? At present, the slums of Dhaka are develop-ing in haphazard manner with increasing number of rural migrants. A good num-ber of NGOs and government organizations are working for the improvement of water and sanitation system but hardly considering resilience issue in their activi-ties. Current stakeholder collaboration is facing some challenges and yet to devel-op to give a desired result of collaborative effort. The paper summarizes the im-pacts of climatic hazards on water and sanitation infrastructure and services, over-view of stakeholder activities and collaboration and ways to improve multi-stakeholder collaboration for Urban Climate Resilience in water and sanitation sector in the low income settlements of Dhaka.

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